LIVE: KITTY , DAISY & LEWIS – Perth Festival, 16 Feb, 2018

LIVE: KITTY , DAISY & LEWIS – Perth Festival, 16 Feb, 2018
Chevron Festival Gardens, Perth; Friday, 16 February, 2018
Reviewed by Maree King

Photo by Cam Campbell

The amazing trio of Kitty, Daisy and Lewis have finished off their current tour with a last gig with a bang at the Perth International Arts Festival at Chevron Gardens, Elizabath Quay. This rockabilly-come-swing-come-jazz-come-rock trio, who last perfomed in Perth at the illustrious Blues & Roots Festival, showed they have not lost any of their uniqueness. The talented trio, though looking forward to returning home after a gruelling tour, showed no signs of slowing down. Although the weather wasn’t ideal it did little to dampen the crowd’s and the trio’s enthusiasm to make it a great night.

An all ages gig with kids, parents and grandparents all enjoying a wonderful musical treat, we should also give a big shout out to the Perth Festival organisers who quickly responded with free raincoats to the crowd, with a smile and the-show-will-go on attitude when required.

Photo by Cam Campbell

Local songstress Ruby Boots did an amazing job of getting things started, though some vocal gymnastics in the last few songs spoilt an otherwise fabulous show.

This London sibling trio headliners, whose eclectic style combines a vintage 50’s rockabilly musicality with a modern twist, started off the first set with Slave and It Ain’t Your Business, before playing Baby Bye Bye and Black Van from their latest album You’re So Fine, getting the crowd rocking and rolling and revelling in the spirit of another time, evoking a sense of fun, hope and good times.

The talented trio often swap instruments and the spotlight, allowing them to showcase their amazing musical abilities, and tonight they started with Lewis leading the way. There’s rousing applause when Kitty finally comes out from the behind the drums to take her turn in the spotlight, dressed in leathers and lace and all things Kitty. They followed with Lovers and Just One Kiss, embodying a romantic rockabilly groove, followed by the inner rock goddess groove of Whole Lot Of Love, boasting a heavier rock feel and hooking in the inner Aussie Rocker in us all.

After following with a touching rendition of Team Strong you can feel the bond that exists between family that can never be broken.

Photo by Cam Campbell

This a a great segue into introducing their special guest, Jamaican trumpet player Tan Tan aka Eddie Thornton, who has collaborated with the trio on previous tours and album tracks. Tan Tan is a perfect fit for them, adding a dimension and depth to their music that at this point in the gig was needed to lift the crowd. This shifted the music into a more jazzy blues direction, and in kind brought out the dancers, as finely quiffed moustachioed rockabilly ravers at the back of the crowd started to break out into swing and jive boogies. The weather may have dampened things, but it certainly didnt dampen the mood or the dancers toe tapping in the rain.

The gig finished with Kitty on bongo drums, trumpets and tambourines covering old classic Going Up The Country, before returning for a three-song encore that left smiles on every face in the place after closer Mean Son Of A Gun.

LIVE: KITTY , DAISY & LEWIS - Perth Festival, 16 Feb, 2018

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