Rock & Roll ain’t dead… YET

Rock & Roll ain’t dead… YET
By Shane Pinnegar

I’m concerned, brothers and sisters.

I’m concerned for the future of ROCK & ROLL.

Rock & Roll ain’t dead – YET (take note, Gene Simmons), but it IS at a crossroads.

The music industry must decide now, before it is too late, whether they will invest in the future of rock & roll, or stand by and allow it to become so cult that it will be looked back on like a scab on the knee of music.

Once upon a time rock bands could go into the studio with a producer for a few weeks or months, hone their songs until they were as sharp as a samurai blade, and make a GREAT album.

Now, most bands self-produce, or use a producer which is just a glorified engineer. Their songs are good, but are they great? I can’t recall the last truly GREAT new rock song I heard.

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Rock & Roll ain’t dead… YET

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