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100% ROCK MAGAZINE turned TWO YEARS OLD on 14 August!

Two years. Over three-point-one million web hits. A peak of 56,000 unique visitors weekly. More than 260 interviews, 200 gig reviews, 835 music reviews and 145 book, movie, theatre and comedy reviews. Well over three and a half thousand news items!

That’s the 100% ROCK MAGAZINE story as at 14 August 2014.

But it takes a lot more than mere numbers. It takes hard work and wild creativity, all for little or no payment – just the sheer love of rock n’ roll. It’s about the community we’re forging and being able to share our passions with like minded people online and through our Facebook page.

Thankyou to my partners Toddstar for holding down the fort Stateside and Trulie for all the support at this end. Thanks to all our contributors – Maree, Stuart, Kevin, Dave, Robert & those who have long gone. Thanks to all the bands, promoters, publicists and road crew who have made it a little more worthwhile with a CD or tickets to their show. And thanks to everyone who has come along and read what we do – whether you agree with it or not, it’s been trip!!!!

Keep with us for a lot more of EVERYTHING that rocks!!



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