LIVE: Brewed Laughter at Fringe World

LIVE: Brewed Laughter at Fringe World
Creatures next Door, Friday, 16 February, 2018
Reviewed by Brian Dunne

It is genuinely difficult to say anything positive about this FRINGE WORLD show, which is a shame as there certainly were a few funny moments during the ‘performance’, however these were effectively nullified by long sections of the show being effectively long scripted advertorials which obviously came straight from some in-house PR drone.

Brewed Laughter billed itself as a comedy show when, in fact, the show turned out to be little more than a hosted “beer tasting” event. I put beer tasting in inverted commas due to the miniscule sizes of most of the beer samples. The show was also plagued by numerous sound problems.

Hosts Luke Heggie and Nick Cody ploughed through a bunch of beer facts such as “when was beer first packaged in cans?” 1933, if you need to know. These beer facts formed the basis of competitive shouting matches which gave away a grand total of four beer tokens thrpughout the show. How generous!

Luke Heggie is a very likeable charchter and his own shows are doubtlessly much different from his performance with Brewed Laughter which was apparently dropped on in his lap as an additional show. He’s a pretty funny bugger. Nick Cody less so: he leaned on crude swearing to get his laughs. The audience seemed to enjoy his gratuitous use of the word ‘cunt’. It was that kind of night.

LIVE: Brewed Laughter at Fringe World

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