Shock Entertainment
August 2017
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar
7 /10

Sylvester Stallone plays a little against type in this action drama of crisis in a collapsing traffic tunnel under the river between Manhattan and New Jersey.

Sure, he’s the ultra-brave hero putting his life on the line to save a dwindling group of survivors of a disaster which resulted in explosions sealing both ends of the tunnel, but he’s far less gung-ho than we are used to from the likes of Rambo.

In fact, as the recently-disgraced and sacked Emergency Services chief Kit Latura, he’s a self-effacing, almost timid man whose nature it is to go above and beyond to save those caught up in this nightmare – and seek some personal redemption for the mistake which got him sacked, along the way.

Rob Cohen (The Fast & The Furious, XXX) directs, and missteps in a few places (toxic fumes that aren’t toxic at all, anyone?), but the tension is still taut and there a re plenty of thrills and spills to keep viewers gripped as co-stars Amy Brenneman and Viggo Mortensen brave the collapsing tunnel and some cheap special effects to see – wait for it – daylight again.


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